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We recently announced the launch of our innovative AI-driven event tracking feature, designed to empower you with the ability to monitor specific events such as stock buybacks, legal actions, and more. Our advanced AI technology sets us apart by identifying these significant events directly from company announcements and press releases, often before they become news headlines or influence market prices.

Historically, this level of insight was exclusive to institutional investors. However, we've democratized access, opening up new avenues for you to uncover valuable investment opportunities.

If you haven't yet explored our AI event tracking tool, we encourage you to experience its potential firsthand. Discover it here. 

If you don’t have access and want one, please let me know!

For those who have already given it a try, your insights are invaluable to us. Please share your feedback or anything that helps us enhance your experience further.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Warm regards,


Co-founder, WOC Street

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