Need Product Opinion for Press Releases

Dear valued member,

I hope this message finds you well. In our latest release, we've integrated press releases from 8000 major U.S. companies into our platform.

Although we found press releases give an edge as AI analyzes them faster than any human reporter can, they also contain a lot of noise.

To refine your experience, we're considering several enhancements and would greatly appreciate your input. Your preferences will guide us in making our platform more intuitive and user-friendly. Here are the options we're considering:

  1. Enhanced Filtering: Adding an enhanced filter allowing you to check the visibility of multiple sources based on your preferences.

  2. Dedicated Press Release Tab: Creating a separate tab to distinguish press releases from conventional stock news.

  3. Customizable Tabs: Enabling the creation of custom tabs, each with its own set of filters, offering personalized news feeds.

  4. Special Tags for Press Releases: Marking press releases with unique tags for easy identification and differentiation.

  5. Status Quo: Retaining the current format without changes.

Should you have any additional suggestions or preferences not listed above, please don't hesitate to share. Your perspective is crucial in shaping our product.

Warm regards,


Co-founder, WOC Street

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