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Down Almost 20% This Year, Is Tesla Stock Good Value?

  1. Tesla stock down nearly 20% in 2024 due to cooling EV demand and competition.
  2. Q4 2023 saw revenues grow only 3.5%, margins under pressure from aggressive price cuts.
  3. Concerns over 2024 sales growth due to slowing demand and high interest rates.
  4. TSLA stock down 15% since early 2021, inconsistent returns historically.
  5. Analysts marginally positive on TSLA, see potential growth from new vehicle models.
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US Supreme Court Just Saved Apple $503M After Putting An End To A 14-Year-Long Legal Battle - Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

  1. U.S. Supreme Court denies VirnetX appeal, ending long legal battle with Apple.
  2. Apple will not have to pay $502.8 million in damages to VirnetX.
  3. Lower court ruling and USPTO decisions against VirnetX upheld by Supreme Court.
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Walmart: Uptrend Remains Intact, Wait for Stock Split Before Buying

  1. Walmart had solid Q4, beat revenue expectations, and gave favorable guidance for 2024.
  2. The company is in an uptrend, with expected capital returns and improved shareholder value.
  3. Walmart is set for a 3:1 stock split on February 26th to make shares more attractive.
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Nvidia's Earnings Could Trigger A 10% Stock Market Crash, Warns Macro Strategist: 'I'm Wondering Who's Turning Around To Buy' - NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA)

  1. Nvidia's upcoming earnings report is highly anticipated in the market.
  2. A potential disappointment could lead to a 5-10% sell-off.
  3. Analysts predict significant Q4 earnings with an 11% implied post-earnings move.
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Marketmind: Markets wait on Nvidia, Fed minutes By Reuters

  1. Nvidia set to report a blockbuster quarter, spotlight on AI chipmaker's growth.
  2. US Federal Reserve meeting minutes to hint at start of monetary easing cycle.
  3. Investors anticipate June as starting point for interest rate cuts, inflation data a concern.
  4. Asia markets brace for Nvidia earnings, stock replacing Tesla as most-traded.
  5. Nvidia options predict 11% swing post-earnings, may impact global markets in near term.
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