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Chevron Says Its $53B Purchase of Hess Could Be Jeopardized by Oil Field Agreement

  1. Chevron's $53 billion deal to acquire Hess may be jeopardized by ExxonMobil and CNOOC.
  2. Dispute over joint operating agreement (JOA) in Guyana may lead to deal failure.
  3. If negotiations with ExxonMobil and CNOOC are not successful, the merger may not happen.
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Warner Bros. Discovery Pauses Merger Talks With Paramount, Report Says

  1. Warner Bros. Discovery paused merger talks with Paramount Global, a potential blockbuster deal.
  2. Warner Bros. Discovery recently posted a profit but shares subsequently slid to record low.
  3. The situation is developing and more updates are expected in the future.
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NIKE: Facing Global Growth Pressure (NYSE:NKE)

  1. NKE is projected to move down to $60-$62 in several months.
  2. Company is losing market share, facing growth pressure globally.
  3. Stock chart suggests a corrective move downwards with resistance at $124.
  4. Elliott Wave analysis points to $60 price level for NKE.
  5. Methodology shows potential for downward move in stock price.
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New York Post


US judge slams Google's $700M Play Store settlement as bad deal for consumers: ‘Matter of basic math'

  1. $700 million settlement by Google criticized by judge for minimal consumer payouts.
  2. Settlement protects Google from lawsuits over Play Store practices for seven years.
  3. Settlement fund includes $630 million for consumers overcharged for apps.
  4. Judge Donato questioned absence of addressing Google's 30% service fees for developers.
  5. Terms of settlement questioned by critics as bad deal.
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Kroger-Albertsons Merger Alert: 5 Things to Know as FTC Sues to Block Grocery Tie-Up

  1. FTC sues to block Kroger-Albertsons merger over competition concerns and rising food prices.
  2. FTC's decision could impact consumers, workers, and competition in the food retail sector.
  3. Kroger says blocking the merger could allow non-unionized rivals to dominate the grocery industry.
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Sony to cut about 900 jobs in its PlayStation unit as layoffs in technology, gaming sector continue

  1. Sony to cut about 900 jobs in PlayStation division, citing industry changes.
  2. Layoffs part of restructuring to prepare for the future of gaming technology.
  3. Job cuts happening globally including in the Americas, Japan, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.
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