WOC Street New Feature- AI Event Alerts

It just keep getting better and better

Hello Everyone,

We're thrilled to announce the launch of AI-powered event alerts. We leverage advanced AI to identify the key events that influence stock prices around the clock.

Traditionally, event-driven investing—a strategy employed by hedge funds to capitalize on opportunities arising before or after corporate announcements—was a resource exclusive to institutional investors. We've not only democratized access to this powerful strategy but also enhanced it with the precision of AI technology.

You're invited to explore AI events on our platform, where you can track and monitor market-moving incidents with ease.

We're opening access to this feature for a limited time before it becomes a premium service.

To those who see the value in what we've built, consider taking advantage of our current subscription discounts for the premium and pro tiers. Be aware that we'll soon adjust our pricing and access privileges.

Moreover, we welcome and encourage feedback or bug reports. In appreciation of your contributions, we're happy to extend your trial period.

Warmest regards,


Founder of WOC Street

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