WOC Street Platform Update- S&P 500 news available!

Hello everyone,

We're excited to share that WOC Street is now broadening its AI-driven news coverage to encompass not just the top 30 stocks but the entire S&P 500 index! This expansion marks a significant enhancement to our platform, fulfilling a highly anticipated request and making our service more comprehensive. With access to all major news outlets and key stock symbols, our platform has never been more equipped to serve your needs.

We're also introducing a new feature that allows you to search for any stock symbol via the search bar. The news coverage for niche symbols is still growing but we are already tracking AI events. This feature is currently in beta, so we encourage you to report any issues you encounter.

Event Tab

You might have noticed the new "Event" tab on our platform. This is part of our initiative to leverage AI for tracking significant, price-impacting events such as acquisitions, lawsuits, and more. This tool is available for everyone to test and will soon become a premium offering. Its potential is astonishing, and we are assessing its effectiveness. Our AI technology can interpret corporate announcements far surpassing traditional journalistic, thereby enabling you to make more informed decisions faster. We plan to keep this tab open for testing for approximately 1 to 2 weeks before it transitions into a premium feature. We welcome you to explore this new functionality and share your feedback with us.

If you're interested in experiencing the platform and its latest features, please respond, and we will gladly extend a trial period to you.

Best regards,


Co-Founder of WOC Street

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